Latest Volunteer Opportunities

Our latest volunteer opportunities are designed to meet the needs and interests of all Hong Kong residents, whether you're a busy working professional, student, or parent, or a newcomer to Hong Kong.

The contribution HOHK and its members make to its charity partners and the community depends largely on the involvement, commitment, and professionalism of each of its volunteer members. To this end, we ask that you only sign up for volunteer activities that you are certain fit your schedule and be sure to contact us when you are unable to attend an activity you have already signed up for.

There are also Additional Opportunities which list some of the other volunteer needs for our charity partners. Many of these opportunities require a longer term commitment than the sponsored activities listed in the calendar.

Please be sure to register as an HOHK member and read our membership policy before signing up for any volunteer activities.

Should you experience any technical difficulties when signing up for a volunteer activity, please email us at and include your name, email address, mobile number, and the name of the activity you wish to join.